Company Profile


Almond Co., Ltd.

Ayuko Matsuda, President 


Established: November 7, 2018 

Capital: 9,900,000 yen 

Bank: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Kitakyushu Branch 


Core Business:

  • Public and broadcast speaking and presentations

  • Introduction, mediation, and invitation of domestic and foreign orchestras and artists

  • Publication of books on classical music

  • Music education planning and production

  • Classroom and concert presentation

  • Art exhibition, sale of CDs, and artist merchandising

  • Sale of electronic music scores and other music-related items

President’s Profile

Ayuko Matsuda

Ayuko Matsuda joined the Nagaoka City Art and Culture Promotion Foundation immediately upon graduating university and was engaged in planning and public relations. Her projects with the foundation included the Nagaoka Lyric Hall's 5th anniversary celebration and the Old Rose Music Festival in England. In 2001 she managed a project in the UK pairing Britten’s opera “Curlew River” and a Noh performance of “Sumida River,” which was highly acclaimed as part of a “Japan 2001” UK national event.


Matsuda subsequently joined the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. With composer Akira Miyoshi she planned and produced "Miyoshi’s World," conducted by Tatsunori Numajiri, to resounding acclaim and awards.


Going beyond arts and culture industries, Matsuda held communications management roles at Japan Post Co., Ltd., and Industrial Growth Platform Inc. During these appointments she was particularly involved in the CSR activities of her companies and clients.


In 2013, she returned to the Tokyo Philharmonic as the Director of Public Relations, overseeing the communications and negotiating the sponsorships around major events and projects including the Tokyo Philharmonic’s 100th Anniversary Celebration and World Tour, the 50th Anniversary of Japan-Korea Diplomatic Normalization, the 45th Anniversary of Japan-China Diplomatic Normalization," and more.


Matsuda established Almond Co., Ltd., in November of 2018. She also serves as an IGPI advisor.


She graduated from Kwassui Women's University in the music department for piano and organ.


She is the author (in Japanese) of "The Complete History of Classical Music" and "The Complete History of Classical Masterpieces" (Diamond).


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Public Relations Lead By Project Member Ayuko Matsuda

Almond welcomes Conductor Honna Tetsuji for general management


Almond is delighted to welcome conductor Honna Tetsuji to its roster for representation worldwide. English Profile

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