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Greeting from CEO


I have loved the arts all of my life, with music finding its way closest to my heart, and that is my inspiration for founding Almond Corporation.


I sometimes think of Pierre Bergé, whose fascination with the talent and genius of Yves Saint Laurent inspired his obsessive and passionate support as YSL’s manager. Somehow, when I think of my work, I can think of the whole world of music and art in the same way. The arts bring beauty, passion, and pursuit of meaning--but bringing it all to an audience depends on arts management, work that I can do with great joy for this reason.


I would like to inspire as many people as I can to discover the love and passion of classical music, and create more opportunities for encounters through music. In 1890 the painter Vincent van Gogh celebrated the birth of his beloved brother Theo’s son with an oil on canvas heralding the coming spring, entitled “Flowering Almond Tree Branch.” The painting is strikingly evocative of the Japanese wood-prints that van Gogh had collected in the hundreds, and it was painted in Arles, which van Gogh had called the “Japan of the South” (of France). The sublime harmony that van Gogh realizes between two worlds of art in this painting excites my musical mind endlessly. It is the reason I chose the name for my company and the note-shaped almond silhouette for the logo...


In the same way, my musical mind is excited by the harmony of the last player in any concert: the audience.


After all the sounds from the stage have stopped, “musicians” of the audience sound the final notes with their applause. It is a denouement of harmony that surpasses the differences in nationality, religion, age, and gender of everyone present--a miraculous time when our hearts become one.


In fact, it is one of my most cherished hopes to enable such harmonic encounters with literature, painting, and the widest variety of other arts, all through music!


To put it bluntly, I sense in such shared experience of music the seeds of courage and kindness in life, the roots of peace.       


It is motivation Almond Music feels blessed to have in all the work that we do.


Representative Director, Almond Corporation

Ayuko Matsuda

Company Profile


Almond Co., Ltd.

Ayuko Matsuda, President 


Established: November 7, 2018 

Capital: 12,000,000 YEN 


Core Business:

  • Live music events production and broadcast

  • Introduction, mediation, and invitation of domestic and foreign orchestras and artists

  • Publication of books on classical music

  • Music education planning and production

  • Classroom and concert presentation

  • Art exhibition, sale of CDs, and artist merchandising

  • Sale of electronic music scores and other music-related items